Suvarotti is all about a very matured love between two teens set in a rural background.
The guy, who used to stick bills on the walls of the streets, falls in love with a girl who is selling flowers along the roadside. They haven’t shared a word each yet ,but their eyes shared a lots of love each other. Their love grew slowly day by day like a blooming flower. And their relationship seemed to bonded so strong like a sticked bill, hard to remove.
One fine day, the guy decided to express his love for her, dressed up well, well prepared, with lots of excitement and nervousness , meet her at the place where their love began.
With lots of dreams in his eyes, he asked “Will u marry me? ”
Here awaits the twist. The girl who loves him more than he does , stands with her eyes full of tears. She couldnt say “yes” because she is a dumb by birth.
They loved each other without sharing a word. Now will they live together without sharing a word?
Why not! Love is not only blind, its dumb too. They lived happily forever !

Written & Directed : Arun Dass
Starring: Praveen D’znr, Akshaya, Srinivasan, Raja Pithan
Dop: Prithivi Adithya
Music: Annamalai Senthil
Editing: Mani Kumaran
Vfx & Grading: Praveen D’znr
Lyrics: Kathir Akash
Sound Designing & Re-Recording : Annamalai Senthil
Post production: The Pencil Town
Associate Dir : Prithivi Adithya
Co-Director: Praveen D’znr
Asst. Directors:Karthik, Raj Eshwar.
Producers: Kumar, Srinivasan.

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