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OOMAI KURAL – Tamil short film

Added 6 years ago

"Given a choice, do you choose to live with guilt or die in peace?"...'OOMAI KURAL' deals with a single day in the life of four policemen, two petty theives and an innocent student...please do watch and share....yout support is of great value to the whole team CAST : vijaya bhoopathy, sasi, saravan ram kumar, raja, manohar, viswa kumar, aashik, radhika. WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY : Karthick Naren MUSIC : Arun Suradhaa CINEMATOGRAPHY : Sukumaran Sundar EDITING : Karthick Naren SOUND DESIGN : sync cinemas

Iruvitham – Tamil Romantic Short Film

Added 7 years ago

Love in two different age groups. Directed and written by Naresh Kumar Starring Ganesh,Sangavi,Anmol,Pooja,Parthasarathy­,Bharath,Vinod

I AM Y – Tamil Short Film

Added 8 years ago

Vinoth is a TV addict and a reckless biker, he never bothers about his or others safety while riding a bike. His life takes an unexpected turn when he happens to find a mysterious person in his TV talking directly with him

Kaadhal Kathirikai – Tamil Short Film

Added 8 years ago

Kaadhal Kathirikai is must watch comedy shortfilm

Few Minutes in our Life – Tamil Short Film

Added 8 years ago

FEW MINUTES IN OUR LIFE" - This is my First Short Film done with much effort completely and in my best knowledge... This film tells the fact of happening for the students in the college who suffered.. I just given the social message to all.. And it is dedicated to all college students...

90 days – A tamil/english short film

Added 8 years ago

90 days is a short film about a guy, who gets to know that he has cancer, how he reacts and what he does after that is the rest of the story.

Alpaysu – Tamil Short Film

Added 8 years ago

A group of boys messes it up big time. This is our second short film after the much appreciated "Pesum Vizhigal", hope you guys like it :)

Ramasamy – Tamil Comedy Short Film

Added 8 years ago

Do you think a movie should always convey a message? How about a movie full of fun? Here comes a 9-minute fun-filled film. The story in short, is that man proposes, god disposes.

The Dream Symphony – Tamil Short Film

Added 8 years ago

Years ago she sang to me, gibberish it was, but music to me; when will I see my little Pavi, will I hear the song again? My dream symphony." A short film that shows that there is indeed a way to bridge the generation gap.

Vilaiyaadu Vettaiyaadu – Tamil Short Film (Horror)

Added 8 years ago

Ghosts - Your (dis) belief has nothing to do with its (non) existence. Bagged the best film award in "Naalaya Iyakkunar" program

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